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A collection of authentic art & images from all island groups throughout the Kingdom of Tonga, attempting to showcase the vast resources, ingenuity, and authenticity of the Tongan culture. aims to allow young artists and designers a place to collectively promote themselves whilst being able to showcase their work both within the Kingdom of Tonga and abroad, thus opening doors leading to future opportunities.

Highlighting the story of each artist and their authentic Tongan products,  provides easy access to original products made or designed in Tonga along with information about these products, the culture and heritage of Tonga.

Necklace Pendants Carved

Necklace Pendants

Specials from $6.00

Special Edition DVD of this 69 min feature documentary is now available including additional scenes that were deleted from the festival and broadcast screeners. Subtitles in English, Tongan, French, Spanish and Italian.

Tongan Ark

Specials from $15.00


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