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Coconuts are so versatile you will find them being used in Tonga, like other South Pacific nations, in many different ways. The oil is used in cosmetics and in traditional cooking. The water is a refreshing drink and high in nutrients and electrolytes. Fibre from the husk is made into mats, mattresses and ropes and the shells are used as bowls and cups. The leaves are woven into baskets, hats and mats whilst the wood from the trunks is made into furniture.

Coconut oil is a healthy option that can be easily incorporated into your daily diet, it is predominantly healthy medium chain fatty acids including 50% lauric acid which supports weight management, healthy cholesterol & energy levels:

Other uses for coconut oil include;

  • Skin Moisturiser
  • Reversing Skin Tissue Damage
  • Treating Wounds
  • Hair Treatment
  • An Erotic Oil
  • Meditation and Essential Oils
  • Alternative to other vegetable oils in cooking or baking
  • Substitute butter or margarine as a delicious spread
  • Add to various recipes for a sensational flavour


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