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  • Ancient Tonga - Enjoy an informative tour through a local village with traditional communication devices before mobile phones and radios. View traditional "Fale Tonga", traditional clothing and tongan medicine. Learn how the old Tongan’s would live in their village from food preparation, to bathing and making fragrant oils. The heritage of tapa making. The quality behind the woven mats and the meaning of wealth and importance for Tongans in Ancient Tonga. Click here to visit Ancient Tonga on facebook
  • Blow Holes - 15.4km from town is the rocky terraced coastline at Houma where you can see waves sending water spouting 18m into the air through natural vents in the coral rock
  • Captain Cooks Landing - visit the 'Ovava (banyan) tree in 'Alaki where Captain Cook is alleged to have rested after anchoring the Endeavour offshore in the lagoon.
  • Ha'amonga Trilithon - Known as the Stonehenge of the South pacific, the mysterious   Ha'amonga was erected in 1200AD. It consists of two upright coral stones about 5m high, topped by a horizontal connecting stone 6m long
  • Hufanalupe (the Pigeon's Doorway) - One of Tongatapu's most scenic areas with a huge natural coral bridge under which the seawater churns, next to steep cliffs overlooking the sea and a beautiful beach.
  • 'Anahulu Cave - A stalactite cave situated at the village of Haveluliku, 15km east of Nuku'alofa. There is an underground freshwater swim ming pool that is suitable for swimming. there is a $10 fee to cover the upkeep and the lighting for the cave by the local community.
  • Terraced Tombs (or Langi) - Located at Lapaha, 19km east of Nuku'alofa. The first of the tombs was built around 1200AD for an ancient dynasty and is formed by quadrilateral mounds faced by huge blocks of coral rock, rising in terraces to a height of 4m


  • You can visit the booking office of Vava'u Adventures in the centre of Neiafu at Cafe Tropicana to choose from the many things to do in the Vava'u Island Group: island tours, land tours, whale watching & swiming, fishing, diving, snorkelling, kayak trips, sailing charters, kart safaris and Tongan cultural events. Vava'u Adventures is your premier booking specialist for island tours & adventure activities in Vava'u.
  • 'Ene'io Beach Polynesian Cultural tour - Wecome with Kahoa (flower lei), followed by a guided tour of the famous 'Ene'io Botanical Garden and live cultural demonstration - Tapa making, Weaving, Kava making and tasting, processing of nonu juice, Vanilla processing and more. You can then swim or snorkel at 'Ene'io beach.
  • A Walk amongst the Natives Tour - a one hour tour that runs twice a day. Discover Tonga's rare and beautiful  flora and admire over 550 different plant varieties. Explore the native plants of Tonga. Share the childhood dream of Haniteli Fa'anunu and enjoy the magic of the botanical gardens he first planted in 1972 on his land which is now a lush tropical paradise.
  • Sunday Feast - A traditional Tongan feast at the beautiful 'Ene'io beach featuring all the traditional favourites - roast suckling pig, lu pulu, local mussels, seafood, salads, desserts and much more. See how the roast pig is cooked on the pit right at the beach.
  • Tongan Feast & Cultural Show - Visit 'Ene'io Botanical Garden for a traditional Tongan feast followed by a live cultural show of traditional Tongan songs and dances performed by school childrem from the local village of Tu'anekivale. Call  +676 71048 for weekly schedule

Vava'u's fishery offers billfish 12 months of the year with blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, sailfish and short billed spearfish. Experienced local charter operators can take you searching for other pelagic species including yellow fin tuna, dog tooth tuna, mahimahi, wahoo, giant trevally and a host of other reef species such as coral trout. For a sports fishing experience of a lifetime you can 'hook' you up with local charter operators

The magnificent South Pacific Humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of Tonga from mid-to-late July until late October each year, to mate and give birth to their calves. The 8,500 km journey to and from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic takes approximately 6 or 7 weeks. Tonga is one of only three locations in the world where it is legal to swim with whales or snorkel with whales. This amazing experience can be managed so it is safe for both humans and animals.
Experienced local operators are fully licenced once you are here so you can view these magnificent creatures up close and even get the chance to swim with the whales.

Whale Watch Operators


  • Whale Swim & Dive Tours - Professional whale swim and dive tour operator in Tongatapu with over 20 + years local knowledge and experience. Please click here for further info and bookings.


  • Deep Blue Diving - Having a longer season enables the friendly local crew to take the time and patience, to get you up close for an unforgettable personal encounter. Please click here for further info and bookings.



  • Whale Watch Vava'u pioneered swimming with the humpback whales obtaining the first licence from the Tongan Government in 1993. Vava'u premier operator with experience and professionalism for a "close encounter of the special kind" Please click here for further info and bookings
  • Kiwi Magic Tours have been operating in the waters of Vava’u since 1991. Trips consist of a maximum of 4 people swimming, ensuring you get an exclusive interaction with whales. Click here to experience the whales on a comfortable boat with experienced skipper and guide.
Whale Watch Vava’u and Kiwi Magic worked closely with the Tongan Government, SPREP, Whales Alive, IFAW and other NGO’s to help formulate the guidelines which were finally passed into Tongan Law in 2013. These guidelines are now the recognised standard of conduct for all Watch Watch and Whale Swim operators and as such they have helped to create a professional and successful industry which allows amazing encounters with  minimal impact on the whales and the environment

With crystal clear waters and an abundance of marine life, Tonga offers world class diving & snorkeling all year round. Local operators also provide internationally recognised SCUBA training so you can experience and enjoy the marvelous sights underwater inVava’u & the guides have an awesome array of local knowledge.

Local operators include:



  • Whale Swim & Dive Tours - Professional whale swim and dive tour operator in Tongatapu with over 20 + years local knowledge and experience. Please click here for further info and bookings.


  • Ha'apai Whale & Sail - Contact via Mariners Cafe in Pangai, Ha'apai and plan an adventure aboard the fully surveyed 7,5 metre RIB, Nauti Gal. Please click here for further info and bookings.


Sailing in Vava'u Tonga - click here for information

The Vava'u group of Islands in the ancient Kingdom of Tonga has some of the most beautiful islands in the world, where the water is clear and clean, the sailing conditions just right, and the anchorages and places to cruise outstanding. The Moorings is the world's premier yacht charter company, offering unmatched quality, service and attention to detail, for over 37 years.
For more information visit or
Melinda Sea Adventures
"Independence" and "Jocara" offer skippered, catered, live-aboard and day-sailing charters around the Vava'u group. Don't miss a chance to explore the stunning island group on a yacht with all the comforts of home.

Scattered across seven far-flung latitudes of the world’s largest ocean, the islands, atolls and reefs of the Kingdom of Tonga are well-positioned for great surf. The winter swell season runs from April to October, with reliant waves rolling in generated by storm activity south around Australia and New Zealand. From November to March, prevailing summer swells originate in the north Pacific around Hawaii, and surf conditions are also influenced by the southern Pacific’s cyclone season. Tonga is definitely a destination for intermediate to advanced surfers. Look forward to regular swells in the two- to three-metre range. Tonga has no beach breaks, and all opportunities for surfing are above the shallow reefs fringing islands and atolls.

Surfing spots dot the island groups of Tongatapu, Vava’u and Ha’apai, with off-shore reef breaks accessible by boat.

Surfing Tongatapu

The west-northwest facing coastline of the main island of Tongatapu is the home of some of Tonga’s best surfing showcasing surf spots like Kamikaze’s and Fishtraps around Ha’atafu Beach, and the Ha’atafu Beach Resort provides surfer-friendly accommodation just metres from the ocean. Access in winter to the Ha’atafu breaks involves a short 100-metre paddle, and in summer the emphasis moves to off-shore breaks reached by boat.

Ha’atafu Beach Resort  -

Surfing Vava'u

The Vava'u group of islands in the Kingdom of Tonga offers a unique surf destination for those who are searching for a place where surfing is still an adventure. There are local guides who can help you find the wave you have been searching for. For more information about surf trips in Vava'u contact Kurt Carlson

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