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The Kingdom of Tonga is dominated by Polynesian traditions and represents a culture where ancient traditions merge with the latest offerings of contemporary life in a healthy mix.

The “Friendly Islands” of Tonga, as this group of islands is popularly nicknamed, is a archipelago of 176 islands, scattered across an area of the central Pacific Ocean to the east of Fiji. A land of high cliffs, excellent beaches, active volcanic craters and coral atolls, Tonga is spread across an area of 7,700 sq km.

Tongan Handicrafts are renown for their patterns and textures throughout the world, and they play an important role in Tongan society. Recently there has been a revival in the traditional arts with many local crafters and artists, along with other small entrepreneurial manufacturers and artists, producing and selling their wares to support families with their traditional handicrafts, including carving & weaving, and also producing an array of products with coconut oil and vanilla to name a few..

Tonga offers an amazing array of holiday opportunities. Each of the island groups has its own unique culture and experiences. Tonga is perfect for those who enjoy unspoiled nature, traditional culture and a gentle pace of life. Dramatic volcanic landscapes, pristine coral reefs, sandy beaches, ancient archaeological sites, spectacular blowholes and a range of activities for all ages.



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