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The Kingdom of Tonga is well known for its handicrafts including bone carving, wood carving, basket making and fine weaving using traditional techniques passed down through generations of Tongan craftspeople.  Tapa making and weaving are the most prominent of these Tongan arts and handicrafts. The Tongan women's pride, skill, patience, and beauty are all depicted by these two ancient crafts.  Mats and tapa are the traditional Tongan gifts, and to this day, no Tongan is born, marries, or dies without being presented with mats and/or metres of tapa cloth.  For hundreds of years, weaving and tapa making have been done by hand, thereby no two pieces are alike.  Even today, mass production is not known. Tongan handicrafts are renowned for their quality, range, and inexpensiveness.

Necklace Pendants Carved

Necklace Pendants

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Kiekie MadeInTonga

Kiekie Pa'anga

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Bowl - Handicrafts



Bowl - Handicrafts




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