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‘Ene’io Botanical Gardens, arguably  the South Pacific’s finest private gardens in the village of Tu’anekivale, situated on the eastern end of Vava’u.  The Gardens represent a lifetime labour of love on the part of Haniteli Fa’anunu who along with his wife Lucy and their family have created a truly exceptional place.  Open to the public on a daily basis, the organic gardens have almost every species of plant in Tonga, alongside hundreds of others, including tamarind, star fruit, jasmine, mahogany, almond trees, lemon grass, cashew, sisal, vanilla, kauri, hibiscus, pine, orchids, coconut, ginger and lots more. Visitors can enjoy many conservation programs, live workshops, an outstanding visitor centre and beach front on more than 22 acres.‘Ene’io provides sanctuaries for native birds as well as a wide range of conservation successes such as the Tree Fern from ‘Eua, Fanakio from Niuafo’ou, sandalwoods, bamboos, breadfruits etc. Guided tours are available as well.

Ene’io Botanical Gardens are also home to a range of Artisan Craftsmen and women who will share with visitors their love of their heritage and culture. It is on site that the range of ‘Ene’io Natural Artisan Products are produced such as Nonu Juice,  Taro Chips,  Tongan Oil, Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Essence and  Handicrafts.

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